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Is There a Link Between Diabetes and PAD?

Posted on February 20, 2024

Most people with type 2 diabetes develop cardiovascular disease, limiting blood flow and potentially causing nerve damage, as well. Now, your disease risk can begin if you're prediabetic, since this study revealed that this population is more likely to experience artery hardening (atherosclerosis.)

If you already have diabetes, you may also develop Diabetic Peripheral Artery Disease (DPAD). And, when you have diabetes and PAD, even a small wound could turn into an ulcer that increases your amputation risk. So, if you want to lower your risk for limb loss? It's critical to manage PAD!

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Preventative Care for Diabetes and PAD

Why do diabetes and PAD so often go together? Diabetes can damage your veins, arteries and/or your capillaries. And that triggers your body's protective response, so it deposits cholesterol in those vessels. But what is cholesterol, and why is it a problem?

Cholesterol is a naturally occurring, waxy substance that forms in your cells. But you can also intake cholesterol from food, and your liver produces this substance, too. Now, your body does need some cholesterol to function properly. But if cholesterol levels rise too high, it can form deposits that clog the arteries, causing them to narrow or 'harden.' Then, that hardening can cause PAD, raising your risk for heart attack, stroke and even limb loss.

While that sounds bleak, here's some good news: our arterial specialists in Georgia perform interventional radiology procedures that remove blockages to boost your blood flow and lower your risk for amputations and cardiovascular complications.

So, what do we hope you take away from this post? If you have diabetes and PAD, it's crucial to regularly check in with our team in Georgia. We can improve your blood flow to address atherosclerosis, but if you want our help, you need to click here to request an appointment.

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