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What You Should Know About Spider Veins

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Spider veins are an extremely common vein disorder, affecting an estimated 50% of women in the United States.

Although spider veins are generally harmless and do not create significant health risks, they can cause discomfort or self-consciousness for some individuals. If spider veins are bothersome, several treatment options are available to reduce their appearance.

We proudly provide advanced medical care for patients with various vascular conditions. At Georgia Endovascular, our team of compassionate specialists is dedicated to offering superior treatment to our patients.

We’ll examine spider veins, their cause, and effective treatment options

What causes spider veins?

Spider veins, clinically known as telangiectasias, are tiny, dilated blood vessels visible on the skin surface. They are often red, blue, or purple and have a web-like or branching pattern resembling spider legs.

Spider veins are typically found on the legs but can also appear on the face or other body parts.

Malfunctioning valves within the blood vessels cause these veins. Normally, valves in the veins regulate blood flow by preventing blood from flowing backward. When these valves become impaired, blood can become trapped in the veins, causing them to grow and become visible.

Several factors contribute to the development of spider veins. These include genetics, hormonal changes, pregnancy, obesity, prolonged standing or sitting, and a history of blood clots. Spider vein likelihood increases with age.

What are the symptoms of spider veins?

Minor spider veins do not usually present physical symptoms beyond the twisted pattern of the veins themselves, which typically appear on the legs.

People with multiple networks of spider veins on both legs might experience noticeable symptoms, including the following:

While most cases of spider veins are harmless and do not cause physical discomfort, they can be cosmetically unpleasant for some people. Treatment is often sought to improve their appearance or alleviate associated symptoms such as aching, burning, or itching.

Who is at risk for spider veins?

People experiencing the following issues might be at a higher risk for spider veins:

What are treatments for spider veins?

The optimal course of action will depend on the scope of the spider veins and whether any underlying conditions could complicate treatment or recovery. Your physician will partner with you to determine the most effective plan for your needs and goals.

Georgia Endovascular interventional radiologists are highly trained in administering next-generation, minimally invasive treatments that yield exceptional outcomes with minimal downtime. Treatment options for spider veins include the following interventions:

It is important to note that spider veins sometimes indicate an underlying vein disease. 

Venous insufficiency is a disorder causing the veins to struggle to return deoxygenated blood to the heart. In such cases, further evaluation and treatment may be necessary.

Can I prevent spider veins?

Several lifestyle modifications can help minimize the risk of developing spider veins. These include:

Effective Treatment for Spider Veins and Vein Disorders

Spider veins don’t have to affect your lifestyle, comfort, or self-esteem.

Georgia Endovascular offers minimally invasive treatment for a broad spectrum of vascular disorders. If you want an effective solution for spider veins, don't hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation.

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