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Foam Sclerotherapy in Atlanta Explained

Foam sclerotherapy is a well-known and effective procedure for treating varicose veins.

It is estimated that about 80% of adults in the United States will experience spider or varicose veins during their lifetimes.

Varicose veins typically occur due to a weakened or damaged venous wall and valve, which causes the veins to become enlarged and twisted.

Factors such as age, genetics, gender, obesity, and lifestyle can contribute to the development of varicose veins. Treatment for mild or faint varicose veins can include lifestyle modifications such as exercise and compression stockings. Highly visible or bothersome veins can be addressed using minimally invasive therapies like foam sclerotherapy in Atlanta.

The foam sclerotherapy procedure involves injecting a foam solution into the affected veins. The agent causes the veins to swell and shrink, effectively diminishing their appearance. This treatment method has gained recognition due to its high success rates and minimal side effects. 

Georgia Endovascular proudly offers innovative and effective vein treatments like Foam Sclerotherapy to help patients reduce symptoms of spider and varicose veins.

The foam sclerotherapy procedure has been proven to be highly successful in treating varicose veins with minimal side effects. Our team of experts will provide personalized care to ensure the best treatment outcome for patients.

Here are additional details about foam sclerotherapy, including how the treatment is administered, the risks involved, and the outcomes.

What Does Foam Sclerotherapy Do?

Foam sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive medical procedure used to treat varicose veins. The method involves injecting a foam solution into the affected veins, causing them to break down and seal shut. The technique is non-surgical and usually requires no recovery time.

Foam sclerotherapy has been proven highly effective in reducing and even eliminating the following symptoms

The approach also helps to improve the appearance of the affected veins. In some cases, it can even prevent the development of more serious health problems.

How Do You Prepare for a Foam Sclerotherapy Treatment?

Before undergoing foam sclerotherapy, it is essential to undergo a thorough evaluation by a vein specialist.

The evaluation will involve a detailed physical examination and ultrasound scan to evaluate the severity and extent of your varicose veins. The specialist will discuss the benefits and risks of foam sclerotherapy, ensuring that you understand the procedure thoroughly.

It is essential to follow the pre-treatment instructions provided by your vein specialist to ensure a successful outcome. These may include avoiding excessive sun exposure, wearing compression stockings, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, you may be advised to stop taking certain medications or supplements that could interact with the procedure.

What Does a Foam Sclerotherapy Procedure Involve?

You will be placed under local anesthesia during foam sclerotherapy to numb the area.

The injection of the foam solution into the affected veins is performed with a small needle. The foam solution contains a sclerosing agent, which irritates the walls of the veins, eventually leading them to swell and shrink over time.

Generally, the treatment takes roughly 15 minutes, though treatment for an extensive network of veins could take longer.

After the injection, you may experience a mild burning sensation for a few seconds. Your vein specialist will closely monitor your progress during the procedure to maximize your comfort and yield the best outcomes.

After the procedure, you will be given specific post-procedural care instructions by your vein specialist. The instructions may include wearing compression stockings, avoiding strenuous activities, and applying cold compresses to help reduce any discomfort. It is crucial to abide by these instructions precisely to promote proper healing and optimal outcomes.

It is advisable to shield the treatment area from the sun, which can cause hyperpigmentation.

When Will I Notice the Results?

Results from foam sclerotherapy may take up to three months to become apparent. However, some patients may experience improvement in their symptoms within days or weeks of the procedure.

What Are the Risks?

Like any medical procedure, foam sclerotherapy presents potential complications that patients should be aware of, including the following

Compassionate Vein Treatment at Georgia Endovascular

Foam sclerotherapy is a safe and effective varicose vein treatment. It offers numerous benefits, including reduced pain and discomfort, improved cosmetic appearance, and a decreased risk of future complications. However, consulting with a vein specialist is essential for determining if foam sclerotherapy is the right treatment option for you.

If you have concerns about the appearance of varicose or spider veins, don't hesitate to contact the helpful representatives at Georgia Endovascular today at 678-915-2000.

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