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The Right Way to Put on Compression Socks

Posted on December 26, 2023

Wearing compression sock can help protect you from forming a DVT, or deep vein thrombosis, and can slow vein disease progression. Plus, they're now available in a variety of styles, making them easier than ever to wear. Unfortunately, getting into these devices can be a challenge. So, today, we;re teaching you how to put on compression socks correctly. Let's dive in!

A Guide to Put on Compression Socks Correctly

Because compression stockings aren't pantyhose, getting them on involves a different approach. First, make sure your legs are dry and remove all jewelry. Now, you're ready to put on compression socks.

To start, reach a hand down and through the sock, taking hold of its heel. Now, turn the sock inside out, creating a pocket for your foot! Now, place toes in that pocket, and pull the sock up to the heel. When complete, grasp the top layer of fabric, near the middle of the foot. Keeping that grip in place, lift the sock over the heel, pulling upwards until it's covered. Next, hold onto any remaining loose fabric with both hands, gently pulling the sock over your calf and stopping once the top is resting over your knee. Finally, smooth out any wrinkles to get the full benefits from your compression socks.

Signs Your Socks are On Incorrectly

Following these instructions should get you the right fit. However, in some cases, your socks may be too tight for your body. Here's how you can tell if they're too tight:

  1. Wearing your compression socks causes aching or throbbing pain.
  2. Your skin is itchy, red, deeply indented or bruised when you take off your compression socks. ,
  3. Your feet, legs or toes are cold, numb or tingly.
  4. The skin at the edge of your compression socks is swollen.

Any of these warning signs could indicate a too tight fit on your compression socks, so give us a call to talk things over before you put them on again. And, regardless of fit, remember that there are some times when you just shouldn't be wearing compression gear.

Don't Put On Compression Socks in These Moments

Wearing compression socks can have some hidden benefits, including improving your sleep dramatically, as this study reveals. However, that doesn't mean you should wear them 24/7. Instead, you need to remove compression gear before going to sleep. Otherwise, you could restrict circulation and reduce your body's ability to regulate blood flow, negating the reason for wearing these garments in the first place!

Help with Compression Socks in Georgia

Now that you know how to put on compression socks, we're here to get you the perfect pair to suit your needs. Because, since these garments are actually medical devices, you'll need an exam and a prescription before taking home a pair that provides sufficient pressure. Luckily, our Georgia vein specialists are here to help! Click here to request an appointment today!

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