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How Putting Legs Up Against the Wall Helps Veins

Posted on October 18, 2023
woman putting legs up against the wall

Putting legs up against the wall is the latest simple health boosting trend. But unlike many other trendy positions, this move is truly effective! Why is it great for vein health and general well-being? Let’s find out together!

Putting Legs Up Against the Wall: What are the Benefits

When you put legs up with the support of the wall behind them, you can expect several benefits. Initially, you can reduce stress by assuming this relaxing pose. Plus, by inverting your legs, it helps counter balance a day spent in a seated position. At the same time, putting legs up helps up-end gravity in your body. So, if you've got any blood or fluid pooling in your legs, this position helps it flow up and out of there. In turn, this may improve minor swelling (edema) in the legs.

This isn't a hard position to assume, but there are ways to make it more comfortable. In turn, you'll stay put for longer, maximizing the benefits of putting legs up against the wall. To begin, lie on the floor, back flat and positioned on a supportive blanket or mat. Next, move your hips forward until they touch the wall where it meets the floor, putting your legs up against the flat surface. (This will create a 90 degree angle between your legs and hips, putting you in an ‘L’ shape.)

If your hips need more support, simply fold up another planet or take a pillow beneath them. Then, once you've assumed the right position, aim to keep your legs elevated for 30 seconds for your first attempt. Later, you can stretch out the time spent in this position to the goal target of 15 minutes! However, if you feet or legs start to tingle or feel pain, that means it's break time. Start to lower your legs gently, then hug them into your chest to recover. As soon as you feel better, get back in the pose. Or try again another day!

The Risks of Putting Legs Up Against the Wall

If you have high blood pressure, glaucoma or are pregnant, or have heart, respiratory or spinal conditions, this position may not be for you. Otherwise, people who are generally healthy and cleared for normal physical activity should enjoy adding this move to a daily wellness routine!

Boosting Vein Health with the Georgia Experts

For people with normal vein health, regular exercise and poses like legs against the wall can keep your blood circulating and prevent spider veins. But if you already have vein health concerns, exercise alone may not be enough to restore your vein health. In these cases, we invite you to click here to request an appointment. We can detect areas of concern, and come up with an ideal treatment plan to keep your veins in tip top shape.

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