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How Taking the Stairs Can Reduce the Risk of PAD

Posted on June 06, 2024

If you want to reduce the risk of PAD (peripheral arterial disease), you've got options. You can change your diet and get more exercise,, and it's not a bag idea to go for regular arterial screenings. However, if you're looking for an easier option, then you'll love this news. New research has revealed a free and easy way to reduce your cardiovascular disease risk. And all you have to do is choose to take the stairs!

woman climbing the stairs

Reduce the Risk of PAD By Taking The Stairs

Findings presented at the 2024 European Society of Cardiology showed that climbing the stairs supports better heart health. It also lowers your risk for PAD and all forms of cardiovascular disease.

In fact, after analyzing data from 480,479 participants across 9 different studies, researchers learned that taking the stairs reduced the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 39%, and death from any cause by 24%. And that was true for both healthy participants and those who'd previously developed PAD or even had a heart attack.

In announcing these results, lead study author Dr. Sophie Paddock said: “If you have the choice of taking the stairs or the [elevator], go for the stairs, as it will help your heart.” And she continued “Even brief bursts of physical activity have beneficial health impacts, and short bouts of stair climbing should be an achievable target to integrate into daily routines.” In conclusion, she advised, “We would encourage people to incorporate stair climbing into their day-to-day lives. Our study suggested that the more stairs climbed, the greater the benefits…So, whether at work, home, or elsewhere, take the stairs.”

Know Your PAD Risk, and When to Seek Treatment

Thanks to Dr. Paddock, you're probably going to think twice before choosing the elevator over the stairs. Even if you don't have a high risk for PAD. But how can you know your risk for PAD? And what should you do if it's elevated? You can review your peripheral artery disease risk factors here, or, for more personalized results, follow this link to request an appointment with the Georgia Endovascular Specialists.

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