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How Varicocele Embolization Can Resolve Male Infertility

Posted on January 10, 2024

Many men are discovering that varicocele embolization can reverse male infertility. But what is involved in this procedure, and what exactly are varicocele? Here's the story. Varicocele are a type of varicose veins that develop in your testicles. And they affect approximately one in seven men.

But what do these faulty veins have to do with fertility? Because there's valve failure in the veins that leads to your testicles, blood can back up in the area, reducing fertility and causing a dull ache during exercise. Additionally, having varicocele can increase your risk for condition such as deep vein thrombosis or Penile Mondor Disease, a condition in which you develop blood clots in your penis' superficial veins.

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How Varicocele Impact Fertility

Varicocele reflect an enlargement in your scrotal veins. When fully functioning, these veins keep blood flowing because one-way valves open and shut, so that blood leaves your testicles and scrotum and returns to your heart. But, when those valves fail, the blood collects in your veins, causing bulging and stretching.

Now, valve failure is not the only reason you may develop varicocele. In some cases, external forces on your testicular vein, whether from hypertension or from a mass, result i nvaricose veins forming in the area.

Typically, varicocele will become noticeable during puberty. And they can become a cause of male infertility. Because, when the blood collects, it increases both pressure and temperature levels in your testicles, possibly causing damage that decreases the production of both sperm and testosterone, as well as sperm quality. In turn, fertility can suffer.

Symptoms of Varicoceles

In addition to male infertility, symptoms include a tender or swollen scrotum. You may experience heaviness or a dragging sensation in the area. And your dilated veins could be visible, appearing to look like spaghetti strands or a mass of worms. The size of your testicles could change, with the one impacted by varicocele appearing to be smaller. Fortunately, we can reverse these symptoms, and restore your fertility, with a procedure called varicocele embolization. And, as it turns out, you could reap additional benefits from choosing to undergo this interventional radiology intervention.

Varicocele Embolization: Additional Benefits

Varicocele embolization can also help treat Penile Mondor Disease (PMD), mentioned at the beginning of this post. While there's a genetic link to PMD, sports injuries and extended or vigorous sex sessions can also trigger the condition, resulting in symptoms such as hardening in the vein that tops your penis. Next, your skin may appear red or swollen, and throbbing pain along with erection difficulties may follow. Passing urine may also be painful or challenging. And, while PMD usually resolves on its own, men who experience recurring cases may need to treat the troubled vein in order to find lasting relief.

Varicocele Embolization in Georgia

If you are diagnosed with varicocele, we can treat your veins using varicocele embolization. During this procedure, we insert a catheter through a tiny incision in the groin, guiding it toward your affected veins. . Once the catheter is in place, we use it to block blood flow to the varicocele by injecting embolic materials. Afterward, pressure and temperature levels in your testicles should lower quickly, helping reverse male infertility.

Now, this is a minimally invasive procedure, so we don't make incisions in the scrotum, and you don't have to worry about the risk of testicular loss. After your procedure, and an observation period, you go home on the same day, avoiding overnight hospital stays. You'll rest a home for two or three days, after which your recovery should be complete!

Ready to resolve scrotal discomfort and male infertility? Click here to request an appointment with our varicocele specialists. We can diagnose and treat varicose veins in your testicles, relieving your discomfort and helping you start or grow your family!

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